Pan Championships: A Champions Legacy

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The Pan Championships has a rich history for bringing the best new and hungry talent from all over the world. Thus garnering  a strong reputation of being one of the toughest tournaments to place gold in. It has also been the best way to gather elite experience for the World Championships later in the year. This years Pan’s is no different with bringing out some hungry new black belts eager to win such a prestigious title. However, some established world champions have returned to rain on their parade.


The 2017 Pan Championship has the who’s who competing this year. So many black belt champions seeking to win their first Pan title, while others continue to build their legacy and add multiple time Pan Champion to their list of accomplishments. Dillon Danis, Nicholas Meregali and Isaac Doederline are the young fresh talent who have a really good chance of taking home the gold. While veterans like Cobrinha Charles, Gabi Garcia and Bruno Malficine look to dominate like they have been for so many years. To become a Pan Champion is to be put amongst the elite jiu-jitsu athletes of the world.


Who will become the next Pan Champion? Who will become multiple time Pan Champion? Registration ends March 6th, now is the time to decide.

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