Keenan Cornelius Steals the Show at the Japanese National

17/04/2017 No Comments Total Comments
Atos team member and top black belt contender Keenan Cornelius competed at the Japanese National over the weekend and caught the attention of everyone in attendance. Every time he would step on the mat, all eyes were on his matches. Practically every spectator would have their camera phone out recording. With each sweep or back-take, the crowd would burst in “oohs” and “aahhs.” His heavyweight final match versus Bonsai Jiu-Jitsu leader Marcos de Souza was the highlight of the event. This match was a very technical display of sweeps, takedowns and constant action. Although Cornelius would win this bout and take gold in the Heavy division, he would unfortunately injure his knee in the Open-Class against Leandro Kussano. After a bit of deliberation, Cornelius would continue the match and submit Kussano, but would not continue to the final. The crowd would not get to see the rematch and de Souza would take the gold.
To watch the match between Cornelius and de Souza, please click HERE.

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