Ranking Information

IBJJF Adult Black Belt League – Ranking Awards
Black Belt Adult Male and Female Awards* at the end of ranking season 2017/18:
1st place – $15,000 (USD)
2nd place – $4,000 (USD)
3rd place – $1,000 (USD)


• Athletes alone in a bracket will have ranking points credited.
• Ranking points will not be transferred from one belt rank to the next one.
• Ranking points will not be transferred from one age division to another.
• This ranking system only applies to GI events. (No-GI ranking and system coming soon!)

* – Regardless the athlete’s country of residency, the awards will be paid according to USA Federal and state taxes laws. While Organizer shall have the right to make all appropriate deductions and withhold any applicable taxes from Competitor’s compensation hereunder, if any, Competitor shall be responsible for payment of all of Competitor’s own federal, state or local income taxes, and Competitor agrees to defend, indemnify and hold Organizer harmless from any claim in connection with any of the foregoing taxes and other amounts.