St. Louis International Open IBJJF Jiu-Jitsu Championship – CANCELLED

May 2nd, 2020

In face of the current COVID-19 outbreak, and due to current global travel restrictions, we have had to cancel all scheduled events as a precautionary measure to help stop the spread of the virus. Athletes who were registered for the tournament will be automatically refunded, and should be receiving email confirmation of the refund within the next few business days. We will be working with the venues to try to reschedule as many events as possible, and will be updating the event pages as soon as we have any further information for each event. Please contact if you have any further questions.


Relevant Dates

* Date(s) and time(s) based on event location.

  • Athletes affiliation and
    Academy registration deadline

    Apr 10th, 2020

    Athletes affiliation and academy registration deadline

    Preferred deadline for academies to be registered and for athletes to have valid membership in order to register for the tournament.

    Athletes must have active membership updated under their current belt rank and academy.

    Academies must be registered for their students to request membership.

    After the Affiliation Deadline, IBJJF cannot guarantee that pending applications will be processed in time for the athlete to be able to register.

    For information about how to become a member or renew your membership please access this page.

    For more information on how to register your academy please access this page.
  • Registration deadline

    Apr 24th, 2020

    Registration deadline

    Before registering, athletes must have active membership that is valid through the last day of the tournament.

    Athletes with expired or incomplete membership applications are ineligible to register.

    IBJJF may close registration early if the event reaches full capacity.

    We strongly advise athletes to complete their tournament registration before making travel arrangements.

    The Registration Deadline expires at 11:59PM, Event local time unless the tournament reaches full capacity prior to the specified date.
  • Athlete correction deadline

    Apr 25th, 2020

    Athlete correction deadline

    Athletes may edit their team, age division, and weight division by logging into their account at until the Athlete Correction Deadline.

    Athletes that miss the Athlete Corrections Deadline should contact their professor to request a change during the Professor Correction Period.

    Athletes that were unable to edit their tournament registration from their profile should contact with their request within the deadline.

    For security purposes, the request must be made from the athlete’s email address associated with the IBJJF account.

    Athletes who requested a change must verify the correction(s) on the Athlete List. Once the correction has been completed, the Athlete List will update within 30 minutes.

    The Athlete Correction Deadline expires at 11:59PM, Event local time.
  • Professor Correction Period

    From Apr 26th, 2020 to Apr 27th, 2020

    Professor Correction Period

    Authorized professors may make corrections to their team list during the Professor Correction Period by logging into their account at

    Authorized professors who are unable to make team changes online should email their changes from their registered email address to, during the Professor Correction Period.

    For security purposes, the request must be made from the professors email address associated with the IBJJF account.

    Professors who completed a correction must verify the correction(s) on the Athlete List. Once the correction has been completed, the Athlete List will update within 30 minutes.

    The Professor Correction Period expires at 11:59PM, Event local time.
  • Registration checkday

    Apr 29th, 2020 @ 5:00 PM CDT

    Registration checkday

    Single Competitors should email with their preferred tournament registration option (check options on the Event’s page) within the deadline.

    Athletes and professors who requested a change must verify the correction(s) on the Athlete List to ensure the correction was performed correctly.

    Only mistakes made by IBJJF staff are eligible for correction on the Registration Checkday. New corrections requests will not be considered.

    If you need assistance with a correction, please email within the deadline.

    For security purposes, the request must be made from the athlete’s email address associated with the IBJJF account.

    The deadline to contact IBJJF is 5PM, Event local time.
  • Schedule release date

    May 1st, 2020

    Schedule release date

    On this date IBJJF will be releasing the final schedule. Time of release will depend upon tournament's organization.
  • Brackets release date

    May 1st, 2020

    Brackets release date

    The brackets will be available online at

Belt & Age Divisions

Male and Female:
Year of Birth Age division Belt
2004 and 2003 Juvenile White*; Blue; Purple
2002 and before Adult White*; Blue; Purple; Brown; Black
1990 and before Master 1 White*; Blue; Purple; Brown; Black
1984 and before Master 2 White*; Blue; Purple; Brown; Black
1979 and before Master 3 White*; Blue; Purple; Brown; Black
1974 and before Master 4 Blue; Purple; Brown; Black
1969 and before Master 5 Blue; Purple; Brown; Black
1964 and before Master 6 Blue; Purple; Brown; Black
* Any athlete who has proven to be a black belt in judo, has fought MMA professionally, has an amateur MMA record or has proven experience in wrestling, Olympic wrestling or Greco-Roman wrestling, can not participate in any league as a white belt. Proven experience in the U.S. consists of having competed at the collegiate level or higher and in other countries, having competed in nationwide events.

Open Class

Athletes who placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd are eligible to register for the Open Class bracket.
Juvenile blue and purple belts will have two open class divisions; Open Class Light, from rooster to lightweight and Open Class Heavy, from middle to ultra-heavyweight.


White Belts (all weight divisions) - There will not be an open class for these divisions.
Black Belt Adult - All athletes are eligible to compete in open class.

How to register?

The athletes who are willing to register for the open class may do so at the event’s open class registration table. Athletes must register in Open Class within 15 minutes after receiving their medal awards. There will be a registration deadline for the black belt adult division, which will be posted alongside the event’s schedule. Athletes will not be able to register for the open class division after its registration deadline.

Important Info

• Refer to the schedule link in order to know when you should be at the event and inside the warm up area.
Click here for information on the computer management system used for this event.
• It is mandatory to have an official government photo ID at all times.
• The official weight measurements of this event is in POUNDS.
• Athletes are subject to blood and/or urine testing for any substance or method on the World Anti-Doping Agency (“WADA”) Prohibited List (click here to view). You may review the WADA Code by clicking here.

Refund Policy:

• The registration fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.
• IBJJF cannot guarantee the athletes will show up for the tournament. Therefore, IBJJF will not refund athletes who end up without a match due to a non-show for his / her opponent.
Exemption: Athletes who are alone in their division are eligible to receive a full refund of the registration if they contact and request to withdraw their name from the competition on the day of the tournament’s Registration Checkday, before 5pm (event local time). *If an athlete’s division becomes populated with an additional athlete(s) on or before the Registration Checkday, the athlete will remain in their division and will no longer qualify for a refund.


• Athletes will receive a complimentary event t-shirt which they should pick up at the event. All t-shirts should be picked up at the event's shirt booth.
• Athletes who place in 1st, 2nd and 3rd in their division will receive a medal at the event. All the medals should be picked up at the event's podium.
• Each team can only have two athletes in the same division bracket (of age/weight/belt). If your team has more than 2 athletes in the same division, the professor needs to email prior to professor's correction deadline in order to create different teams for the same academy. This rule does not prevent you from registering for the event.
• There will be only one group trophy for this event.
• Any false information provided during registration such as, but not limited to, DOB, may lead to immediate disqualification. Such actions are subject to suspension or even banishment from future IBJJF events.
• If you are alone in your bracket you can contact till the day before registration check day and request a change on your registration. IBJJF does not guarantee that the division you want to be moved to will have another competitor at the day of the event.
• We try to accommodate as many athletes as possible in our events, but there is a limit on the number of athletes in order to guarantee a high quality event.
• IBJJF reserves the right to close registration when we reach full capacity, or on the day of the appointed event registration deadline, whichever comes first.
• It is the responsibility of the athlete to be knowledgeable of the rules and guidelines pertaining to the sport (as outlined in the IBJJF Rules Book).
• We strongly suggest that athlete registration is finalized before making any travel arrangements.
• Athletes 18 years old or younger, which have previously worn a belt from a belt rank that does not exist for his/her current age range, according to the IBJJF Graduation System, will only be allowed to compete in a belt rank that matches that athlete's current age group.
• Before each fight, athletes will be asked to show their valid form of photo identification(ID) to the officials. Make sure you have it on hand.
• Signs/flags are not permitted inside the event facility.
• This tournament is organized by the International BJJ Inc. in partnership with the International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation.

Please click here to download a copy of the event poster.


More information coming soon!
North County Recreation Complex
2577 Redman Avenue
St. Louis
Prices: $108.00 (USD) until April 3rd, 2020
$128.00 (USD) until April 24th, 2020

* registration fee includes one (1) free event shirt

Spectator Entrance Fee: