Black Belt Certification

Become a Certified Black Belt:

The athletes and professors certified by IBJJF will have their belt rank recognized by an official sport organization. To be certified as a black belt by IBJJF, the athlete or professor must complete the necessary requirements.

The steps to apply for a Black Belt Certificate:

First, you need to provide us the following documents:

– Black Belt Certificate Application form;
– Certificate of a CPR course;
– IBJJF Rules Seminar Certificate of Approval completed within the last 12 months (approval will require a score of at least 60% on the test administered during the Rules Seminar)

Please note:
 – Time for your degrees will be evaluated based on the rules laid out in Article 4.1.3 of the IBJJF Graduation System. Please refer to the IBJJF Graduation System found at
– Black belt athletes with provisional  graduation cannot request a black belt certificate with the IBJJF. Please refer to the article 7 of the Graduation system found at

  • All USA residents are required to have a clean background check within the last year provided by SSCI. Please refer to the “background check page” for more information regarding background checks.

The documentation must be sent to by e-mail to:

Do not send the payment. Once the Application for Black Belt Certificate is approved, we will send an invoice via PayPal.  The cost for the first certificate is $400 USD and $150 for each subsequent renewal.  The paperwork will be processed after the invoice payment is received.

This documentation will be analyzed and subject to approval from IBJJF.

It may take up to 30 days to process your black belt certificate application.

To create a winning environment for athlete safety, the IBJJF highly recommends for all Black Belt Certificate applicants living in the United States to register for the online SafeSport Training Course in order to understand the core concepts behind creating a safe and positive sport environment and to learn how to identify, prevent and respond to issues of misconduct.

To learn more about SafeSport and how to register for the SafeSport Training course, please click HERE.