Rules Course

In order to meet the needs of the athletes and professors along with sharing our knowledge of jiu-jitsu rules among as many people as possible in a simple and understandable way, the IBJJF now offers the Rules Course in a new online platform through an interactive Rules Webinar.

The Rules Webinar ensures that, regardless of the athlete's location, everyone can access the IBJJF educational material with the same quality and content of our in-person courses.

  • Credit hours: 4 hours
  • Maximum capacity: Each class has a maximum capacity of 30 (thirty) participants.
  • Weight division: Athletes only have the option to register under the Rooster division for the Rules Webinar, regardless of the weight division that they fight.
  • Belt rank: Athletes from all belt ranks are allowed to register.
  • Zoom platform: The online class will be live streaming using the Zoom platform at the pre-scheduled time.
  • Zoom registration: After completing the registration on IBJJF website, the participants will receive an email with a link to register their participation on Zoom within 24 to 48 hours prior to the beginning of the Webinar. Please note: the link to register on Zoom will be sent to the same email used by the participant at the moment that he signed up for the Rules Webinar on IBJJF website (email registered in the athlete's profile).
  • Webinar access: The online class can be accessed only once, on the day and during the time chosen by the participant at the time of registration.
  • New registration: If the participant wants to rewatch the Rules Webinar, a new registration will be required.
  • Real-time technical support: The participant can interact in the Rules Webinar and the instructors will provide real-time technical support to answer questions during the class.
  • Exam language: Even if the course is streaming in English, the participant could choose to take the exam in Portuguese.
  • Certificate of Completion: An online exam will be required to obtain the Certificate of Completion. The online exam will be taken immediately when the online class is concluded.
  • Minimum score: The participant must score at least 70% on the online exam to be approved on the Rules Webinar and obtain the Certificate of Completion.
  • Black Belt Certificate: The Certificate of Completion of the Rules Webinar is valid for the participant requesting the Black Belt Certificate.
  • Participants must score an 85% or higher on the Rules Webinar online exam to be approved for the referee staff program internship.

We highly recommend that the participants of the Rules Webinar read the IBJJF Rule Book before accessing the Webinar in order to have a better understanding of the class. Click here to access and download the IBJJF Rule Book.

For those who are not interested in obtaining the Certificate of Completion and only want to expand their knowledge bases regarding the rules of Jiu-Jitsu, IBJJF offers the Rules Course content for free in the IBJJF Rules Tutorials on youtube (to access it click here).