My First Championship

Championship Registration
1 Have a valid IBJJF membership with my current belt and academy
How do I request my membership?

You must have active IBJJF membership under your current belt and academy to register in our championships. To request your membership, click here and fill out the information required to find out which documents you must provide.

Your membership request will be submitted for review once all your documents are sent. Once your documents are approved, you will receive a confirmation email with instructions on how to complete payment.

How long does it take to get my membership?

Your membership approval can take up to five business days after all required documents are received. The time frame will depend on how quickly you send the correct documents required. Once you are approved and complete payment, your membership will be active and you will be able to register for the championship right away!

I cannot find my professor or my academy to request my membership. What can I do?

Your IBJJF membership must be under an academy registered with us and have a listed instructor that can sign your membership application.

You can talk to your private instructor to discuss what academy and professor you should register under.

2 Choose the championship I want to compete
How do I find the championships with open registrations?

You can check which championships have open registration on our website. Click here to choose a championship with open registration you want to register in.

3 Register for the championship
How do I choose my weight division?

You will be required to select a weight division once you start your registration. Look at the weight chart linked on the event’s page and decide the best weight class for you.

The weights on the chart are for the highest allowed weight for that division, with the uniform on. It does not matter if you are lower than the weight limit for that division. However, you will be disqualified if you weigh in heavier than the weight listed for the division you registered in.

Once you are registered, you can edit your championship registration until the Professor Correction Period. Check the Relevant Dates on the event's page to find out the deadline to make the change.

How do I choose my age division?

You will be required to select an age division once you start your registration. Look at the Belt & Age Divisions table available on the event’s page to check which division you fit into.

The age divisions are defined according to your birth year. Therefore, you must check the age division based on the year you were born, not the specific date.

Note that Masters divisions athletes are eligible to register in lower age divisions. For example, if you are a Master 2, you can register either in the Master 2, Master 1 or in the Adult division. However, if you are a Master 1, you cannot register in the Masters 2 or higher age divisions.

Kids and Juveniles can only register for the specific division related to their birth year. Exceptions may occur if the athletes remain alone in their division on the Registration Checkday.

Please note that you are allowed to register in only one division for the same championship.

Before the championship
4 Change my registration, if necessary
I registered for a championship but I need to change my division. How can I do it?

Once you are registered for the championship, you can edit your registration by logging into your IBJJF account by the Athlete Correction Deadline. If you have missed this deadline, you may ask your professor to edit your registration through his or her IBJJF account by the Professor Correction Period.

After the Professor Correction Period, only single-bracket athletes are allowed to request changes by the Registration Checkday.

5 Monitor the Registration Checkday
What is the Registration Checkday?

The Registration Checkday is the day you must check your championship registration. New correction requests will not be considered. Only mistakes made by IBJJF staff are eligible for correction on the Registration Checkday.

If you previously requested any edits to your registration within the deadlines, you must check that the change was made correctly. If it was not, the Checkday is the final date available to inform us if the change is incorrect. You must email us at no later than 5 PM (event local time) using your registered email address associated with your IBJJF account.

Additionally, all single-bracket athletes must contact us at using their registered email address if they choose to move divisions or withdraw from the championship no later than 5 PM (event local time).

6 Find out the day and time I will compete
How do I find the day and time I will compete?

Once the schedule and brackets are available, there will be a link on the event’s page to view them. You can access the schedule to see the day your division will take place and the approximate time your division will start.

If the brackets are available, you will be able to search your name and find the approximate start time of your first fight.

Championship day
7 Have a photo ID or my IBJJF membership ID at all time
I do not have my membership card. Can I still compete?

Yes, you do not need to have your membership card at the championship as long as you provide any valid government-issued photo ID. You may present your driver’s license, state ID, or passport. Minors can bring a birth certificate and get a temporary membership card printed at the championship.

8 Be ready to compete one hour prior to the start time for my division
What should I do once I get to the venue?

You must be at the venue ready to compete, one hour prior to the scheduled start time for your division in case the championship is running earlier than expected.

You do not have to check-in. Once inside the venue, you will be called by the staff to weigh-in when your division is starting.

9 Championship t-shirt, medal and spectators
Can my family and friends come watch me compete?

Yes, your family and friends can come watch you compete. Some events have a spectator entrance fee. Check the championship page you are registered in to find out if your guests must purchase tickets to get into the venue. If the championship has an entrance fee, note that registered minor athletes are allowed to enter with one companion for free.

*Please note: Due to the COVID pandemic, spectators are currently not allowed. However, in some championships, registered athletes are allowed to bring one companion. Check the championship page you are registered to find out the spectator guidelines.

Where do I pick up my t-shirt?

Once inside the venue, follow the signs for the t-shirt booth. There will be a table where you can pick up your championship t-shirt. The location of the table is dependent on the venue and championship.

I got to the Semifinal or to the Final of my division. How do I get my medal?

Congratulations! If you get to the Semifinal or the Final match of your division, you will receive your medal once your division is completely over. Go to the podium immediately after your last fight and our staff will guide you from there.