Graduation system

Ibjjf Graduation System

The recently published Graduation System unify and standardize the teachings, practice, and competition of modern Jiu-Jitsu. Aligned with the spirit of progress of the Jiu Jitsu Book of Rules (pub. January 2012), IBJJF Graduation Guidelines support its professors and instructors by enhancing the understanding in how athletes can advance to achieve each belt degree from White to Red.


To support the efforts of our professors, academies and athletes, we are making available for wall display in our academies the high-definition IBJJF Graduation System Poster.


IBJJF suggests three types of graduation system based on Degrees and stripes for Kids. Choose the one that best fits your IBJJF academy or school program. Feel free to click at the link to download the poster in a high quality to be displayed in your school.