Academy Registration

If you wish to register your academy with IBJJF, please submit a completed Academy Registration Application to

Each Academy Registration Application must be signed by its Head Professor, that must be a Black Belt athlete registered in IBJJF.

All US Academy Instructors must have background checks completed within the last 12 months. Apply for the background check here.

After your Academy’s application has been reviewed and approved by IBJJF, you will be contacted promptly and the Registration Fee Invoice will be sent to your email via PayPal.

The Academy Registration Fee is $70.


IBJJF / CBJJ reserves the right to reject academies with the same or similar names to other academies previously registered under any federation linked to IBJJF.

Similar academy names cause confusion on member applications, bracket structuring, instructor corrections, team points, etc. So, every Academy enrolled in IBJJF must have a unique or distinguishable name.

Academies under an association can use the association name as part of their academy name, but will need to add something unique to the name, such as the academy's city, to distinguish the academy from other academies within the association.

IBJJF / CBJJ reserves the right to reject academy names that are deemed offensive or inappropriate.